Storstyringkampen 2022

Anmälan via länken här!

Who will be the new Baron and Baroness of Styringhem?
The anual Storstyring will take place in Follingbo. You have to be a Styring to participate in the contest but not to cheer!
If You think you can beat a Styring in ”Varpa” or ”Perk” you are welcome to try.

Patricipation in the Storstyringkampen is free

Aditional cost for consumtion and or additional features:

Payment on sight is possible.

300 SEK Beverage not included.
100 SEK Children and day visitors. (Lunch included)
Optional cost for non announced feature may occur.

To participate in the contest last date for declaration is : 2022-09-01

For non-competing participants last reservation date is: 2022-09-01