Lucia feast, Baronial investiture and Nordmark Coronet 8-10/12

Photo by Jonas Evertsson

It is time for Styrinheims baronial investiture! This year we are also arranging the Nordmark coronet which will be held on Saturday (9/12-23).
This year’s theme is masquerade! Interpret in your own way within the framework of an attempt at pre 17th century garb (will you be elegant in a venetian mask? A viking seer? Abul Abbas??).

If you’ve never been to an SCA event before:
This is our annual medieval feast. When we say medieval we tend to mean any pre 1600 period, so there will be a mix of Viking, medieval and Renascence clothes among the guests. All you need to partake is an ”attempt at medieval clothing”. If you are interested and have questions or need to borrow something, feel free to contact any of the organizers below or post your questions in the Facebook group or join the Discord Server

The site:

We are in the midst of trying to secure a bigger site so more people can attend, if this is not something we can find the event will take place at Odd Fellow within the walls of the medieval town of Visby.

Register here

Instructions for payment sent to the email adress you provide in the form.

Sleeping arrangment:
While we are looking into it, we can not promise there will be any crash space available. We have managed to get some discount codes for the hotells though:

Hotell St Clemens: 10% off if you book directly with the hotel on phone or email and use the code “SCA”.
Telephone: 0498-219000

Donners hotell: Fixed price at 800 SEK/night/two-person room if you book directly with the hotel on phone or email and use the code “SCA”
Telephone: 0498-25 98 90

Visby Börs: Fixed price at 800 SEK/night/two-person room if you book directly with the hotel on phone or email and use the code “SCA”
Telephone: 0498-77 91 77

Hotell Slottsbacken: Fixed price at 800 SEK/night/two-person room if you book directly with the hotel on phone or email and use the code “SCA”
Telephone: 0498-21 34 34

Join us and witness the baronial investiture of Styringheim! Join us and witness the fight for the thrones of Nordmark! Join us and celebrate in a (hopefully) snow covered Styringheim!

May be subject to change, final schedule not set.

Friday (Set up during the day)
17.00: Site opens
17.30: Light food and snacks are served
17.00 – 18.30: Check in is open
19.00: Court – Baroinal Investiture
20.00: Mingling – Party until late
8.00: Site opens
10.00: Nordmark coronet tourney in St.Lars Church ruin.
12.00: Check in opens (If no one is at the table, please ask for one of the organizers)
12.30: Some sort of lunch/brunch/snacks or food.
13.30-14.30 Fighting Demo at the Museum (Morales will lead a walk from the site to the museum at 13.00. )
14.00: Auction
16.30: Court is held at St. Lars ruin
19.00: Banquet
22.00: Party until late
Sunday 10.00: Site cleaning

Organizers / Autocrats:

Main Autocrat: Morales Galen (Olof Berg)

Feast: Robin of Isle (Jens Berglind) and Görvel Skote (Hanna Tunberg)

Roya Liaison: Eila de Valouise (Isabelle MacKenzie)

Registrations: Louise le Roux (Annelie Öhman)


SCA titleSCA nameSCA group
Crown princeStigot EkeDrachenwald
Crown princesseLofnheithr ”Lo” HalvarsdotterDrachenwald
Baroness av GotvikMargareta ArvidsdotterGotvik
MistreseLia de ThorneggeAros
MästerEdricus Filius OffaeAros
LadyMarit MatsdotterAros
MistressSilwa af SwaneholmAros
BaronEinar HelsingrAros
MasterArenwald von HagenburgAros
MistressSigne ScriffuerskaAros
SirGerhardt von WüstenburgAttemark
DonnaGracia Ferraro da VarenaAttemark
Inna HareAttemark
DuchessAlienor of FarryngdonAttemark
Glop SorgenfriAttemark
FruBlenda af NääsBaggeholm
SirLudvig Af EkeBaggeholm
LadyLubna al-ZahraBaggeholm
Sir / VicountTorbjorn ÅbryteBaggeholm
LordFelrick av tusenskönaBaggeholm
Jofriðr fra BaggeholmBaggeholm
MaîtresseMathilde BouretBarony of Dragonsspine, Outlands
LadySiiri HyvämieliFrostheim
LordOssi OravaFrostheim
Court BaronSighvald från GudhemGotvik
HerrinLucie FrÿginGyllengran
MästerFardäng SkvaldreGyllengran
LadyMiriel atte WilleGyllengran
HerrFarkas HalvskäggGyllengran
VicomtessaIngrid OlafRsdotterGyllengran
ViscountDuncan KerrHarpelstane
FruBenedikta IngasdotterHolmrike
CountessBeatrix de Lyme RegisHolmrike
FruTorunn Egilsdotter AskHolmrike
ViscountGilliam BlackhornHolmrike
LantgrafHartmann RoggeHolmrike
MistressIngrid AudardotterHolmrike
DuchessaIsabetta del VerdeHolmrike
DukeWilliam of RichwoodHolmrike
THLElisabet NilsdotterJuneborg
MasterErich Olavsson HaaneJuneborg
Lars ThorgrimssonKnight‘s Crossing
Laoghaire Ní ChuínnKnight’s Crossing – Meadowmarsh
Jona HerdeLöghammar
FruErid IngefridsdotterLöghammar
THLGele PechpluminNordmark
HerrErasmus Dan DigitusNordmark
MistressAnna LaresdotterNordmark
FruÅsa FredriksdotterNordmark
LordEadric de KainSKA Aros
DukeMorales GalenStyringheim
LadyLouise Le RouxStyringheim
MeisterinneRenike TucherStyringheim
Åsa vävareStyringheim
Morten kanikStyringheim
FruCecilia MemlingStyringheim
herrGeiri í HrauniStyringheim
NobleSabine Solling FuchsStyringheim
Hon. LordJohn SmithStyringheim
Styrr GizzurrssonStyringheim
BaronessaEjsarves MärtaStyringheim
BaronJorulf från ValleStyringheim
HerrDanel UdalschouStyringheim
Ermingard HawenthornStyringheim
NoSolvor Eskilsdotter ”Sol”Styringheim
FruGörvel SkoteStyringheim
LadyGrima in RaudaStyringheim
Robin of IsleStyringheim
FruLunetta ScharnweberStyringheim
LordGäddvard LejonbringaStyringheim
LordBalthazar WeissStyringheim
LordMaximiliaen Alexandre De WildtStyringheim
CountessEila de ValoisStyringheim
Archibald SjörökStyringheim
LordFelix von KaiserbergStyringheim
Mark OdygdStyringheim
LordFelix von KeiserbergStyringheim
LadyWendela af EkeseStyringheim
BaronAle SnepilStyringheim
FruEtla fra AosStyringheim
NoFlavius BritanicusStyringheim
HerrFledar SkoteStyringheim
Svante frå ValdeStyringheim
Greta från ValdeStyringheim
MistressUnna GunnarsdotterStyringheim
Honourable LadyMarcella di CavallinoThamesreach
HerrTorleif VidfariUlvberget
LadyEmlyn RubyUlvberget
LordDobromil Dlouhy
LordBödvar Brokbrännare