Lucia feast and Baronial investiture 9-11/12

Styringheims Lucia Feast
An investiture with a taste of the orient and a tribute to Abul Abbas! Welcome all and everyone to a fantastic celebration filled with the mysteries of the orient. For two days we celebrate our beloved Styringheim and it’s crowned heads. Come and wish Ale and Wendela all luck and prosperity on their coming journey and watch Styringheim being led towards new times. Come and revel in olives, dates and tastes you have never experienced before, let delicious wine flow from the fountains and let yourself be inspired by Abul Abbas’s wisdom and courage.
It’s time
For Styringheim!
For Celebration!
For Lucia!

Special information about Feast
Hear ye, Hear ye! All who intend to travel to the most magnificent of baronial investitures. The one in Styringhem! The one in the spirit of the Orient and a tribute to Abul Abbas.In true Charlemagnian spirit the event will be one of those where you should not have to wear out your backside to attend. Stroll, mingle, walk as you are drinking and eating well and why not try your luck at one of the different temptations that involve both luck and dice. For one who wishes there will of course also be chairs and tables available for imbibing the atmosphere whilst you are eating. Bring your finest cups and bowls but do not expect a traditional Nordmark three hour sitting banquet.

Translation:The banquet will be served in a buffé style, and even though there will be tables and chairs available we encourage you to walk around and mingle during the time when food is served. There will be no traditional long tables or high table. There will be specific games for gambling set up and everyone can participate at their own leisure. Tokens to bet will be given at check in, these are to be used for gambling and betting games throughout the event.


– Friday (Set up during the day)
18.00: Site opens
18.00 – 20.00: Check in is open
18.00: Mingling (No food is served)Party until late
– Saturday
10.00: Heavy fighting demo in S:t Lars Ruin (A cross the street from main site)
12.00: Check in opens (If no one is at the table, please ask for one of the organizers)
12.30: Coffee, tea and a light lunch is served
13.00: Auction
15.00: Court is held at St. Lars ruin
18.30: Food is served (Mingle buffé)
Sometime between 20.00-21.30: Baronial Investiture with a twist (In true Styring fashion we are doing things a bit differently)
Party until late
– Sunday10.00: Site cleaning

Register here

350 SEK for SCA members

400 SEK for non-members.

Children 0-16 years old free of charge.

Contact the autocrats:

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Registered Participants

SCA TitleSCA NameSCA group
KingAvery WestfallThamesreach
Crown Princess Beatrix de Lyme RegisHolmrike
Crown princeKrakeDrachenwald
Furstinna av NormarkJoviNordmark
Baron av StyringheimAle SnepilStyringheim
Baronessa av StyringheimWendela af EkeseStyringheim
Baron av GotvikSighvald de GuðemGotvik
BaronessAleydis van VilvoordeGotvik
MistressAnna LaresdotterNordmark
Archibald SjörökStyringheim
FruArnora in strangaHolmrike
Åsa vävareStyringheim
LordBalthazar Rebil WeissStyringheim
HerrBödvar brok-brännareFrostheim
Cecilia MemlingStyringheim
Danel UdalschouStyringheim
MasterDuncan Kerr
Eadric de KainSKA Aros
CountessEila de ValoisSTYRINGHEIM
ViscountessEira av AttemarkAttemark
BaronessaEjsarves MärtaStyringheim
ViecountessElise M’GillioneStyringheim
VicomtessaErmingard HawenthornStyringheim
THLEstridh (Branna från Korpåsen)Nordmark
FruEtla fra AosStyringheim
HerrFledar SkoteStryingheim
LordGäddvard LejonbringaStyringheim
HerrGeiri í HrauniStyringheim
THLGele PechpluminNordmark
Gilliam Blackhorn
Greta från ValdeStyringheim
LadyGrima in RaudaStyringheim
Hakon WreseStyringheim
Hartmann RoggeHolmrike
DuchessaIsabetta del VerdeHolmrike
sikkīrJoh´n mae Al NabidhAbbasidkalifatet
BaronJorulf från ValleStyringheim
Leo LaFuzeStyringheim
Liva torbjörnsdotterStyringheim
Louise LeRouxStyringheim
FruLunetta ScharnweberStyringheim
LadyMarit MatsdotterAros
The Honourable ladyMarlein EberlinAros
LordMaximiliaen Alexandre De WildtStyringheim
DukeMorales GalenStyringheim
Morten kanikStyringheim
Reidun Torvi Grævling
Renike TucherStyringheim
Robin of IsleStyringheim
ViscountRok TingfasteStyringheim
ViscountRoland SantiagoHolmrike
LadySabine SollingStyringheim
herrsigbjörn torssonstyringheim
DuchessSiobhan Inghean Ui LiatháinLöghammar
Sofia SaphientiaLöghammar/Aros
Stella MikaelsdotterNordmark
LordStyrbjörn BärsärkHolmrike
Svante från ValdeStyringheim
DukeSven GunnarssonLöghammar
FruUna BjornsdottirGyllengran
MistressUnna GunnarsdotterStyringheim
ViscountessWilda FrejasdottirStyringheim
DukeWilliam of RichwoodHolmrike